Why Kropp Equipment?

Innovative Delivery

At Kropp Equipment, our years of experience have identified common problems in our business that have required us to come up with creative solutions. Possibly the best example of this is found in our ability to almost eliminate late deliveries by asking our drivers to begin their shift at 2 AM. This enables many of our deliveries to be completed before you even arrive at your job site for the day, which provides you with the peace of mind that we will not put you behind schedule and sets us apart from our competitors, since we are the only company in the Chicagoland area to do this. 

“Within the Hour” Service 

Timeliness is a big part of what we focus on at Kropp and that’s why we strive to arrive at your jobsite “within the hour” should there be an issue with your machine and you need to place a service call. Please call (866) 402-2222 to place your service call and one of our highly qualified technicians will be there before you know it. 

Customer Decals 

Every piece of equipment you rent from us will be decaled with your Company’s name. In our experience this can be very helpful distinguishing your lift from others on a crowded jobsite, relieving you of any confusion should another company find themselves on your lift. This is yet another example of our willingness to do everything in our power to solve common problems in our industry. 

FREE Generators, Welders, & Glass Catchers

At Kropp Equipment, we understand extra charges can be very frustrating to customers. That’s why when you rent from Kropp, you will never be charged extra for these often times vital accessories such as generators, welders, and glass catchers.

Constantly Updated Fleet 

We take pride in our Fleet of Equipment at Kropp. That’s why we constantly focus on keeping our machines in tip top shape thanks in large part to our fantastic service team, our highly respected manufacturers, and our willingness to buy new machines and replace old ones year in and year out. 

Family Owned 

“No Corporate Attitude Just Family Gratitude” is not just a catchy marketing phrase. Family values are woven into the fabric of our company and can be felt by our customers and attested to by our employees. Established by Albert Kropp in 1975 and still owned by the family, Kropp Equipment is a very proud, Family-oriented enterprise that knows how to treat its customers and employees with the dignity they deserve.